Scar Relaxing Serum 5 x 4 ml ampoules

Scar Relaxing Serum 5 x 4 ml ampoules

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Balancing preparation for relaxation of scarred tissue. In addition, it has an immune-strengthening and detoxifying effect, whereby the scarred tissue is better supplied and looks relaxed. High-quality hyaluronic acid brings the skin back into balance.

Skin type

  • Scarred skin

Main active ingredients

  • Madecassoside (highly dosed) as collagenbuilding active ingredient
  • Spirulina Glycerin, an immune-boosting algae extract with antioxidant, antiinflammatory properties
  • Panthenol (highly dosed) to stimulate the formation of new cells
  • Hyaluron combination as an idealmoisturizerPanthenol (highly dosed) to stimulate cell regeneration
  • Hyaluron combination as an ideal moisturizer