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Herpotherm - Herpes stick

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The HerpoTherm® is a medical device can prevent the development of cold sores at the appropriate time.

There are no more annoying, unsightly sores and no soreness around the lips. Especially recommended in the case of herpes vulnerable customers who wish for a permanent make-up lip drawing.

Operation: By electrical impulses and heat in the range of 50-51 ° C the formation of bubbles can be prevented at the appropriate time. Also other symptoms such as tingling, burning, itching, tightness and pain can be prevented easily. By heating the infected herpes virus cells, a partial or complete denaturation of enzymes or proteins can be achieved. The multiplication of the virus is thereby prevented. The development of cold sores can be stopped.
• Works without chemicals by concentrated heat
• Prevents the outbreak at the appropriate time completely
• For pregnant women, epileptics allergy and suitable
• HerpoTherm® is dermatologically tested