Anti-Aging Serum - 5 x 4 ml ampoules

Anti-Aging Serum - 5 x 4 ml ampoules

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For the proven firming, tightening and remodeling of the facial contour, as well as for the reduction of fine wrinkles. The immediate effect is reflected in a fresh, cushioned and smooth skin appearance. The contained hyaluronic acid combination actively moisturizes and enhances its effect through the included matrixyl.

Skin type

  • Mature, dehydrated skin

Main active ingredients

  • Hyaluronic acid combination for protection and care with long-term deep moisture
  • Diosgenin and genistein as hormone-like active ingredients for tightening the contours of the face and cheeks
  • Matrixyl as tissue-strengthening, collagen-stimulating substance
  • Argireline and Syn®Ake as a wrinkle-reducing active ingredients complex